Bronze Sculpture Artist

“I don’t know that I am so much an artist as I am a creator. I can’t help but take an idea and play with it, roll it around, study it, and then turn it into a solid form that can be viewed and touched. I live in a wonderful time and place from which I try to capture a scene or story to pass on to others. Much of my ability is a gift; I can’t take credit for that. I study my subject and do the homework, reviewing anatomy books and lots of pictures, then the fun begins with wire, clay, paper and brush. The joy I feel when I work, when I can see the idea taking shape and all the pieces fall into place is so fulfilling. I am a lucky woman to be able to make a living at something I love so much.” ~ Mary M

Please be sure to contact Mary about any of the pieces of Bronze Artwork on the site or for your own Bronze Portrait of someone you love!