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Bronze Sculpture Artist MTThank you for visiting Bronze Montana, home of one of Montana's Premier Bronze Artist, Mary Michael. Mary's work encompasses many aspects of Montana in Bronze; from scenes of the Wild West in Bronze, to Montana's Wildlife in Bronze sculptures to Timeless Horses and Rodeo Bronze Scenes that capture that critical moment in time! Then there is that Human Spirit that catches her eye and becomes another Bronze Montana Masterpiece.  

Please take a few moments to browse through her works to see and feel the compassion of her artwork. It will literally take your breath away and take you back in time. Also, Mary has recently begun taking on Bronze Portraits that capture the absolute essence of the individual.

Montana Bronze Sculpture Artist
Photo taken at the "Art of the Cowboy" western art show in Las Vegas at the South Point Convention Center in Dec. during the NFR. Mary was doing a "quick- draw".


"I don't know that I am so much an artist as I am a creator. I can't help but take an idea and play with it, roll it around, study it, and then turn it into a solid form that can be viewed and touched. I live in a wonderful time and place from which I try to capture a scene or story to pass on to others.

Much of my ability is a gift; I can't take credit for that. I study my subject and do the homework, reviewing anatomy books and lots of pictures, then the fun begins with wire, clay, paper and brush. The joy I feel when I work, when I can see the idea taking shape and all the pieces fall into place is so fulfilling. I am a lucky woman to be able to make a living at something I love so much."  ~  Mary M

Please be sure to contact Mary about any of the pieces of Bronze Artwork on the site or for your own Bronze Portrait of someone you love!


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